Patient Survey November 2011

Spa Medical Centre Patient Survey Autumn 2011



This survey was devised with help from members of our patient representation group with the intention of gauging the current level of satisfaction with our services and looking for areas for development or improvement.

Survey forms were handed out to all patients/carers presenting at Reception over a 3 week period. Where a patient had difficulties filling in the form due to language problems or reading difficulties, they were assisted by staff members.

 Basic Facts 

  • In total 205 completed forms were returned 
  • This represents 5.4% of our current practice population 
  • The following demographic information was obtained: 
  • Of those who answered there was a near 50/50 split between males and females whereas our population is actually slightly skewed towards males (54/46). 
  • The age profile of respondents matched our population fairly well except for a lack of younger patients (our actual population being 25% aged less than 25). 
  • 35% of respondents described themselves as White British/Irish, 4.4% as other white (? Non UK Europeans), 47.8% as Indian/Pakistani/British Asian, 0.5% as Afro- Caribbean, 0.5% as Chinese and about 12% declined to answer. This roughly matches our known population breakdown. 
  • 33% regarded themselves as regular attenders, 42% as occasional attenders and 25% as very rare attenders.

In summary the survey respondents seems to represent fairly well our practice population but the views of younger patients and those who are not able to travel to the surgery are likely to have been underrepresented. We are aware that a significant number of our registered patients who  may be  in good  health very rarely come to the surgery and so will have been missed, so this survey should  more correctly be regarded as a survey of Spa Medial Centre users.


(See Appendix 1 for a full breakdown of survey answers) 

  • Staff: There was a high level of satisfaction with the Doctors, Nurses and Reception staff with close to 95% of respondents rating them as excellent or very good and only 1 respondent rating the Doctors as poor, no-one rating the nurses as poor, and 3.4% rating receptionists as poor. 
  • Appointments:  75% of those who answered were normally able to get an appointment at a time that suited them.
  • Extended hours: 78% of those that answered wished us to continue offering extended hours on a Tuesday night whilst 11% wanted us to change this to a Saturday morning.
  • Telephone access:  75% of respondents had had difficulties getting through to us on the telephone, 84% of whom had difficulties between 8.30 and 10am.
  • New ways of accessing our services:  65% of those who answered had access to the internet and 77% of respondents wanted to be able to make appointments or order prescriptions by alternative methods, the most popular being ‘via text’ followed by email.
  • We asked two questions about existing services to determine how aware patients were of some of our systems. It seems that half of the respondents were unaware that is was possible to have a telephone consultation with a Doctor, and more than 10% were unaware of our repeat prescription service.

Free comments 

(See Appendix 2 for a full list of comments).

  •  Respondents were asked for comments if they ticked excellent/very good or very poor for the questions about our staff and  also for reasons why they had or hadn’t recommended Spa Medical Centre to others as well as what they  thought about the premises and suggestions for improvement.
  • The vast majority of patients gave very positive replies about our services. A single respondent out of the 47 who left comments felt they were not receiving the right help from the Doctors, whilst the rest mentioned the quality of advice, honesty, courtesy and helpfulness of the Doctors.
  • The nursing staff were complimented on their welcoming, helpful and caring natures with not one negative comment.
  • Comments on the receptionists were extremely complimentary although a few respondents said they had found individuals rude or unhelpful.
  • Most respondents were happy with the premises and remarked positively on the cleanliness of the building as well as the recent decoration. There were several complaints about the layout of the building: ‘Too many stairs’, ‘Toilet in the wrong position’, drab décor and poorly ventilated waiting room.
  • When asked why they would recommend Spa Medical Centre to a friend, the 68 respondents said they would do so because of the quality of the service provided. Those who had not recommended Spa Medical Centre mostly said they has not had occasion to do so, only 1 respondent said they felt aggrieved with the Doctors.
  • 51 respondents made suggestions about the Surgery. Requests included the ability to make appointments online, and a large number of people who wanted improvements to our appointments system particularly when trying to get through on the phone in the morning. One respondent wanted us to provide a drinks machine in the waiting room and another wanted TV to be provided.                                             

Our response

  • This was the first time we had conducted a survey designed by ourselves. Previous external surveys had suggested a degree of dissatisfaction particularly with telephone access.
  • Demographic analysis suggests this survey has been conducted on a fairly representative sample of out patient population. We would accept that in handing a survey form directly to a patient rather than sing a postal or other remote survey we  may have invited an excess of positive  comment  but we feel that we managed to capture the views of our regular service users.
  • We were very pleased with the overall positive responses about the quality of our service and surprised that the majority of patient s felt they did get appointments at the time they wanted them. We were also pleased that our recent efforts to improve the look of the premises has been appreciated. There were some suggestions about the appearance and layout of the building which we will consider,
  • There were negative comments about reception. We think this is understandable in that our receptionists are general at the ‘front line’ and are frequently blamed for problems outside their control.
  • We need to publicise the fact that it is possible to  have telephone as opposed to face to face consultation s with a Doctor/Nurse.
  • There are clearly still problems with our booking system and telephone access and therefore we intend to take measures to improve these in consultation with our patient representatives.
  • Future surveys may need to be redesigned to ensure that the views of a wider range of patients are considered.

Appendices available in downloadable report. Spa Medical Centre Patient Survey Report.rtf

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