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Jeremy Hunt. Secretary of State for health 2015. Its his idea.

In its wisdom, the current government has decied that evey patient registered with a GP in England will now have a named 'Accountable GP'. This GP will take responsibility for the co-ordination of all appropriate services and ensure they are delivered where required (based on the named GP's clinical judgement) to each of their patients.

The named GP is largely a role of oversight, with the requirements being introduced to reassure patients they have one GP within the practice who is responsible for ensuring that this work is carried out on their behalf.  

There is no condition within the requirement for patients to see the named GP when they book an appointment with the practice.

Patients are entitled to choose to see any GP or nurse in the practice in line with current arrangements.

The role of the named GP will not:

  • take on vicarious responsibility for the work of other doctors or health professionals;
  • take on 24-hour responsibility for the patient, or have to change their working hours:
  • imply personal availability for GPs throughout the working week;
  • be the only GP or Clinician who will provide care to that patient.

In reality there will be no change to your care and some would suggest this is a further example of unnecessary bureaucracy being loaded on to a hard pressed service. If you agree, perhaps you would like to discuss this with your MP!

In the past it was traditional to register with an individual GP. Then In 2004, the rules were changed and patients became registered with the Practice rather than an individual GP. It so happens that many GP computer systems like ours continued to record the 'Usual GP' . In 2014 a scheme was brought in to give every patient over the age of 75 and accountable GP. Now this has been extended to all patients.

For convenience we will allocate the historical 'Usual GP' to all our patients. Hopefully you will receive a slip of paper the next time you visit the surgery informing you who your accountable GP is. We would like to emphasise that in reality it makes no difference to your care and you can see whichever Dr is available. However if you have strong feelings about this subject you are welcome to specify your accountable GP by making a request through reception.

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