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Patient participation group latest meeting Posted on 4 Apr 2019

Minutes of patient participation group for Spa Medical Centre Wednesday 6th March 2019 

Present: Dr T Knight, Kam Rai, Walter G,  RosK,  Sukhjinder B 

Apologies: Aneeta D, Suman J, Susan B, Sue W, Jim H, Ram B 

Dr Knight thanked everyone for attending and acknowledged that it had been a long time since our last meeting in July 18, but unfortunately due to holidays etc we had a lot of apologise so did not go ahead with the meeting scheduled. 

  1. From 1st March 2019 we have taken on a new salaried doctor : Nagamani Sunkara Vijaya.  She will be doing 6 sessions a week, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri AM, and Thurs and Friday PM.
  2.  Dr Kirit Pandya who is  reducing his working hours and will only be working on a Monday and Tuesday, and is mostly doing telephone consultations.
  3. We have one member of our staff currently on Maternity and we have taken on a new member of staff : Harsharan, who is doing  secretarial and reception work
  4. We now have two nurses Suzanne and Amy.
  5. We have lost the funding for our Punjabi speaking  interpreter, but currently trying to keep this position going by funding this ourselves.
  6. Dr Knight explained that the new GP Contract has come out, making some very large changes going forward, GP’s are asked to form Networks of 30-50,000 population and the money would come down at Network levels , to fund Pharmacists, social prescribers etc.
  7. The amount of money that the practice spends on prescriptions is greater than average for the area and we have been asked to cut down on prescribing items which patients can buy over-the-counter. As a result we will be asking all our patients by their own vitamin D and similar medication.
  8. The extended access service has now been running for seven months. Patients who are not able to attend the surgery during working hours can be booked via reception to be seen in a number of local herbs between 630 and 9 o’clock weekdays and also Saturday and Sunday mornings. There are now hubs at Waterside medical Centre Trinity Court surgery in Stratford and also castle medical Centre in Kenilworth, Southam surgery and Alcester.
  9.  The Department of Health is hoping that more patients will have choose to have full access to their medical records via an online service. All adult patients are welcome to apply for the service via reception.
  10. We had another discussion about the unrepresentative nature of our current PPG and will continue to work on ways of engaging the broader population



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