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PPG Meeting 29.1.20 Posted on 4 Feb 2020

Minutes of patient participation group for Spa Medical Centre Wednesday 29th January 2020


Present: Dr T Knight, Kam Rai, Walter G, Jim H,


Apologies: Aneeta D, Sukhjinder B Ros K, Ram B



Dr Knight thanked everyone for attending.



  1. Members fed back on their experience of attending some of the events organised for PPG groups. It appears that there are some very enthusiastic individuals some of whom seem to be very knowledgeable about local health matters seem to dominate these groups. We thank our members for representing us but stressed there really is no obligation to do so unless they find these events interesting themselves.
  2. As a part of the Leamington GP network we now have access to a pharmacist and social prescribing. Unfortunately because we are relatively small practice we only get a small bite of the cheese! It has been suggested that patient participation group members may wish to share their knowledge of local facilities that might benefit patients who have mixtures of health and social needs. Going further the may be some people who would like to play a part in contributing their skills and time for instance by introducing patients to various social and leisure activities, assisting with filling in forms et cetera. If anyone feels they would be interested in this then please contact us.
  3. EConsult .
    We are about to introduce a new method by which patients can contact the surgery and obtain clinical advice. Traditionally we have always relied on patients making contact with us by phone or even turning up at the desk. Recently we’ve introduced various online services which allow limited messaging between the practice and patients as well as using occasional email conversations.
    This is about to become far more organised. The CCG have provided a software package which will enable patients to obtain services from us using mobile phones or tablets or personal computers.
    We hope to fully rol lout this process in the next few weeks but Dr Kngiht demonstrated some of the features to the group members and encouraged them to have a play around with the test software.
    It is our hope that those who are confident in using technology to obtain services such as shopping et cetera will find this new method very easy to use. This will free up our telephone lines  forthose patients who need or prefer traditional methods of contacting us.